Vehicles are lift equipped to accommodate wheelchairs.

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Paratransit Services

Emerald Coast Rider's para transit (door to door) service is available to Okaloosa County residents unable to access the EXPRESS. The cost of this service is based on distance traveled. Reservations are required. The cost for your trip will be provided when you call to schedule your ride.

Several agencies sponsor client transportation needs and pay all or most of the cost. The Florida Commission for the Transportation Disadvantaged provides cost sharing assistance for individuals who are not sponsored and meet eligibility criteria. If you would like to see if you qualify for assistance you will need to complete an application. Please call 833-9168 for information about the Transportation Disadvantaged Program.

  • Application (PDF Format)
  • How do I schedule a ride?

    Reservations can be made Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. Trips can be reserved up to seven days in advance but no later than 1:00 p.m. the day before your requested travel.

    • South Okaloosa County 833-9168      
    • North Okaloosa County 689-7809

    Payment is due to the driver as soon as you board the vehicle and cannot be billed. A receipt will be provided upon request. Transportation coupons can be purchased in our office or sent through your driver for a cost of $20.00 per book. Coupons are used to pay your fare to the driver the same as cash. If you qualify for the Transportation Disadvantaged program you will only pay a portion of the cost of your trip.

    Out of county medical appointments must be scheduled on designated days and times. All appointments are subject to verification. Medicaid recipients must receive Medicaid compensable services in Okaloosa County unless service is not available here. If your PCM requests that you travel out of the county for a specialist, we must have a copy of a written referral from him/her stating that the service cannot be obtained in Okaloosa County.

    Employment transportation is available, subject to availability of funds, provided you live and work in the same city and the distance from your home to your job is not greater than (10) miles. Note: Distance limits are subject to change depending on funding. Call for current information.

    Shopping trips are available on designated days and times only, depending on the city. Passengers are asked to limit themselves to three (3) shopping bags on the vehicle.

    When calling to schedule a trip please have the following information for the reservationist:

    • Your name.
    • Medicaid and/or social security number if applicable.
    • Phone number.
    • Complete pick up address (include apartment, lot or building number).
    • Complete destination address (include suite and building number) along with name of business or doctor’s name.
    • The reason you are riding (employment, school, doctor, etc.)
    • If you require special assistance, you are allowed one escort to accompany you free of charge. Escorts must be 18, the legal age of majority in Florida.
    • If a child safety seat is needed notify the reservationist when you schedule a ride. Parents of infants must provide infant carriers.

    How can we accommodate you?

    • Drivers will assist you curb to curb or door to door as necessary.
    • Vehicles are lift equipped to accommodate wheelchairs.
    • Riders unable to climb steps, may board on the wheelchair lift.
    • It is important to let us know if a wheelchair is oversized, electric or has any special feature that should be addressed.
    • Guide dogs and service animals may accompany disabled passengers.
    • Portable oxygen that is self administered is permitted but must be safely secured onboard the vehicle.  Large (hospital size) bottles are not permitted onboard the vehicles.

    Our goal is to provide our riders with prompt, safe, efficient, and friendly service.

    The following are ways you can help us serve you better:

    • Because this is a shared ride service, when scheduling your pick up times please allow for time spent dropping off and picking up other riders.
    • Drivers are limited to a five minute waiting period for passengers.
    • Be prepared for delays due to traffic, road construction or bad weather.
    • Drivers are prohibited from making unscheduled stops.
    • When scheduling your trip, make sure the reservationist reads your trips back to you and that the information is correct.


    If you need to cancel your transportation, please call no later than 2 hours prior to your appointment. Late cancellations and failures to cancel will jeopardize your riding privilege.

    "No Shows" and "Late Cancellations" increase the cost of transportation within our community, and on occasion may deny another rider the opportunity to ride because you had already reserved the available seat. Such cancellations and no shows may result in a temporary suspension of service. The following actions will be taken by ECR and are provided as a guideline:

    • First Occurrence - Documented by ECR
    • Second Occurrence - Within 60 days of first occurrence, "Letter of Warning" is issued by ECR
    • Third Occurrence - Within 60 days of first occurrence will result in a 30 day suspension of service. "Suspension" letter issued by ECR.
    • After reinstatement - 3 infractions within 60 days of reinstatement will result in a 60 day suspension of service. "Suspension" letter issued by ECR.
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