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Transit Board

Okaloosa County Local Coordinating Board
The Okaloosa County Local Coordinating Board comprised of 18 state agency and community representatives of the transportation disadvantaged population, was created in 1990 to identify local service needs and to provide information, advice, and direction to the Okaloosa County Community Transportation Coordinator (CTC), Okaloosa Board of County Commissioners.

Meeting Dates/Past Meeting Minutes
Meeting minutes are available at the West Florida Regional Planning Council's Okaloosa County Coordinating Board Website.

Board Members
Agency for Health Care Admin.
John Vinski/Alt John Maraldo
Children at Risk
Vacant/Alt Vacant
Laura Creighton/Alt Vacant
Citizen User of Transportation
Mae Wilcher/Alt Ted Schlieper
Department of Education
Cyndy Walker/Art Dreaden
Department of Elder Affairs
Gwendolyn Rhodes/Alt Sharon Searcy
William Collette/Alt Vacant
Economically Disadvantaged
Patriece Grimes/Alt Algie King
Nancy Baughman/Alt Vacant
Elected Official-Chair
Kelly Windes/Alt Beatrice Love-Moore
FL Dept. of Children & Families
Randy Fleming/Alt Susan King
FL Dept of Transportation
Vanessa Strickland/Alt Kathy Rudd
Local Medical Community
Vacant/Alt Jessica Myers
Mass Transit
Vacant/Alt Vacant
Private Transportation Industry
C. R. Pooler/Alt Allison Velez
Public Education
Jay McInnis/Alt Sherrie Curtis
Beatrice Love-Moore/Alt Vacant
Workforce Development Board
Linda Sumblin/Alt Vacant

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